Sonnenmarkts Tauscherei – vienna würstelstand

Sonnenmarkts Tauscherei

November 23, 2017

Another swapping market in a club

Sonnenmarkts Tauscherei

When: THU, December 7, 5pm–10pm
Where: Das Werk
Entry: Free!

The holy clubbing halls of Das Werk will be repurposed as a swapping space this Thursday afternoon and evening. Bring all the stuff you don’t need anymore (a few conditions: make sure they’re still usable and clean, max. 10 items/ person), and exchange it all, one-on-one, for somebody else’s stuff – some old pants for a DVD you’ve always wanted to watch, or some plant for a new pair of mittens to keep you warm throughout winter. 

Plus: Punsch! And some neat music by SunThing from 11pm

Recommended if you like: the sustainable lifestyle, seeing if somebody will swap you your socks for theirs, zero waste, getting your fruit and veg’ at a local market, high five-ing strangers on the street

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