Sommerkino: Raving Iran - Vienna Würstelstand

Sommerkino: Raving Iran

August 8, 2019

A story about Tehran’s underground Techno scene on the big screen

Sommerkino: Raving Iran

When: FRI, August 16, 8pm–11pm
Where: Arena Sommerkino
Entry: 6€

This niche production tells the story of the risky passion of playing underground Techno music in Iran’s capital Tehran and the complicated, but intriguing, challenge of organising an illegal, secret rave party in the desert. And did we mention it’s screened in one of our all-time favourite summer cinema locations in Vienna – the laid back Arena?

Recommended if you like: documentaries that give you an insight into a different world, risk-takers, passionate people, niche movies, Arena in summer

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