Soirée française spéciale beaujolais 2017! – vienna würstelstand

Soirée française spéciale beaujolais 2017!

November 17, 2017

Soirée française
spéciale beaujolais

A French evening celebrating all things French…but especially some new wine!

Soirée française spéciale beaujolais 2017

When: FRI, November 24, 9:30pm–5am
Where: Cafe Français
Entry: TBA

We confess, we had to google this. Beaujolais Nouveau is a red wine from a particular region of France (Beaujolais– go figure), that is released on the third Thursday of every November after only a few weeks of fermantation, and Beaujolais Nouveau has become somewhat of an unofficial holiday with everyone waiting patiently for the big release. This being Vienna, we obviously celebrate it the day after, on the Friday. Expect French music, French people, and French kissing.

Recommended if you like:  drinking wine like you do beer, swallowing rather than spitting, being young and sexy, not doing what it says on the can, flirting on the go, wearing your skin tight tights to show of your gorgeous ass, French kissing like a boss

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