So schmeckt Niederösterreich-Adventmarkt - Vienna Würstelstand

So schmeckt Niederösterreich-Adventmarkt

November 21, 2019

So schmeckt

Check out this 2–day Christmas market located in a palace

So schmeckt Niederösterreich-Adventmarkt

When: FRI–SAT, November 29–30
Where: Palais Niederösterreich

If you have never been to a Christmas market in a palace, let this be your chance. With over 60 stalls, this Friday and Saturday market promises to be magical. At the very least, it’s a swanky place to get tipsy on mulled wine. For the little ones, there is also a baking station for gingerbread, poppy seed crescents and pumpkin rolls. And judging by the title of the market, we’d suggest there will be lots of tasty treats out of Niederösterreich.

Recommended if you like: Christmas, getting into a festive mood, Christmas lights, getting drunk on Punsch, beautiful locations, fairy lights, buying stuff you (probably) don’t need, regional food from Lower Austria

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