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Sisters Lumière x Widerstandskino: Die Dohnal

February 9, 2020

Sisters Lumière x Widerstandskino
Die Dohnal

Visit this movie pre-premiere at the Stadtkino!

Sisters Lumière x Widerstandskino: Die Dohnal

When: THU, February 13, 8pm–11pm
Where: Stadtkino Wien
Entry: Presale tickets sold out! There’ll be some tickets left to buy on location.

This Thursday only, you’ll get the chance to go to a pre-premiere. Yep, it’s not a premiere, it’s a pre-premiere, so that’s rather special. Sabine Derflinger’s documentary film ‘Die Dohnal’ will be shown at the Stadtkino a day before the actual premiere. She’ll be giving a talk after the screening, sharing insights and additional information about the film. You’re a movie addict? Well then. You know what to do!


Recommended if you like: being a film fanatic, going to the cinema three times a week, red velvet seats, documentaries, discussing the movie you just watched with your friends for 4 hours straight

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