Silvester am Himmel - Vienna Würstelstand

Silvester am Himmel

December 5, 2019

Watch 2020 roll in from the top of a hill

Silvester am Himmel

When: 7:30pm
Where: Café Restaurant Oktogon
Entry: 160€ p.P (incl. food & drinks), reserve your ticket via

Out in the 19th district, there’s another great party location to see out the end of the year on top of a hill. The Café Oktogon (which just so happens to be shaped as an Oktogon) with its panoramic view over Vienna seems like the perfect party location for those that want a great view of the fireworks. You can stuff yourself silly with tasty food from the buffet and have as many drinky-poos as you like. And the exact point when 2020 waltzes in, you’ll be waltzing too, in between when you’re gawking at the fireworks. There is no dress code for this party, and we strongly suggest you dress like a Würstel.

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