Silvester Abend im Aux Gazelles "L'Oriental" - Vienna Würstelstand

Silvester Abend im Aux Gazelles “L’Oriental”

December 5, 2019

Silvester Abend
im Aux Gazelles

A unique way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, with an oriental flair

Silvester Abend im Aux Gazelles – “L’Oriental”

When: 8pm–5am
 Aux Gazelles
Entry: 20€ (just dance), 120€ dinner party, 190€ Hammam & dinner party, make a reservation via

You’re tired of doing the same old thing every year? (we know, we sound like the beginning of a TV advert for a sponge) The crowd from the handsome restaurant/ bar, Aux Gazelles, is throwing one special NY’s bash this year. You can combine a dinner (full of tasty Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food) with a visit to their adjoining Hammam – this way you’ll be entering 2020 as relaxed as a… person that’s just lied in a bathtub for several hours (sorry, creative lacking at this time of the year). If that’s not your kinda’ thing, you can simply turn up at their kickass party. A very different New Year’s Eve party to be had.

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