Silent Disco | WUK Wien - Vienna Würstelstand

Silent Disco | WUK Wien

March 1, 2020

Go crazy at this Silent Disco in WUK but please do not disturb the neighbours 

Silent Disco | WUK Wien

When: SAT, March 7, 11pm–5am
Where: WUK
Entry: 12€

WUK is once again hosting a Silent Disco: a party where every guest gets a pair of headphones which receive the music played by the DJs on their turntables. There’ll be all kinds of music played: Hip-Hop, House, Charts, and some Classics. The best thing is, you can always switch to a different channel if the music doesn’t suit you. If you’re new to the Silent Disco format, you should definitely check that out. If not, you already know you’ll be there. The only party where you can actually have a chat with someone without you two having to scream ‘WHAT??’ for the twentieth time.

Recommended if you like: not getting your eardrums destroyed while having simple small talk, complaining about others’ lack of rhythm while not realizing their dancing to another song, sipping vodka through a straw, WUK

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