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Shades tours – Best tours in Vienna

July 8, 2018

Shades Tours

Shades Tours

How much does it cost?

varies, check the website for details

Meeting spot?
depends on the tour, check here.

What will you learn on this tour in a few words: to see the streets of Vienna through the eyes of somebody living on them

Have you ever stopped to notice those people hanging out in the doorways around the city, or asking passers-by for small change. We’re all guilty of walking on by and offering nothing but a ‘sorry,’ but what this tour challenges you to do is to stop in your tracks, and dedicate some of your time to understanding these people’s lives. It is a truly human experience, and one that will make you feel a buzz – this buzz is the feeling of being human.

These people we walk by everyday are doing it rough, and for some reason have landed on the streets. The Shades Tours Vienna offer you an insight into how some of Vienna’s homeless ended up there, and what life on the street is like. It has been opening people’s eyes for a while now – their tours are led by people from the streets themselves. In a two hour tour, a guide will offer a fascinating insight into their life, and inspire you to open your mind, as they reveal the raw reality of life on the street.

The drill is simple: Gather your friends together and book a group tour on the Shades Tours website, or keep and eye out on their Facebook page for updates about their upcoming tours.

Also good to know… This is a social project run by a lovely crowd which sees a large part of the tour participation costs go to the tour guides who are homeless themselves.

© Photo courtesy of  Shades Tours

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