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Secret Vienna Tours – best tours in Vienna

July 8, 2018

Secret Vienna Tours

How much does it cost?
15–30€, depending on the exact tour

varies, check the website for details

Meeting spot?
various locations, depending on the tour

We have all heard the classic stories of the good old Vienna – where Sisi was chilling in Schönbrunn, and Mozart was creating magical music. They are all quite nice stories… if you are a tourist. Introducing Secret Vienna, a way to move out of the repetitive historic tours and look at the city through different lenses. These lenses include: uncovering the dark side of Vienna, understanding the lasting impact of the powerful women Vienna had over the years or going through the steps of dictators in Vienna. You can even experience a tour wearing shackles all the time (trust us – not only does it makes sense but it makes for a great experience). These tours are a great plan for locals because they allow you to have the experience of being a tourist in your own city all over again, whether it is walking through streets you would normally not walk by or discovering new information about why some things in Vienna are actually just like that, you can rest assured that you will have an inner feeling of “why the hell haven’t I known this after living here for so long!?” Also, it might happen that while walking you might find out that the building you pass by every day on your way to work has actually 7 subterranean floors! Just sayin’.

We definitely recommend… doing one of their tours as a weekend plan with your partner or friends.


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