Secondhandmärktchen VI - Vienna Würstelstand

Secondhandmärktchen VI

December 1, 2019

Shop, eat and enjoy the live music

Secondhandmärktchen VI

When: SAT, December 7, 1pm–7pm
Where: The Loft
Entry: free!

The Loft is hosting a second-hand market this weekend that will be accompanied by live music and a pay-what-you-wish vegan buffet. We’ll be spending most of the day at this event stuffing our faces, hearing live music and finding that perfect, barely used, low-priced second hand pair of trousers. Specifically, we’re looking for trousers. You’ll find us in the trousers section.

Recommended if you like: trousers, vegan buffets, live music, second hand shopping, being awake in the daytime, not staying at home all weeking, finding awesome second hand clothes than nobody will know are second hand

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