Schloss Neugebäude Medieval Festival - Vienna Würstelstand

Schloss Neugebäude Medieval Festival

September 6, 2019

Schloss Neugebäude
Medieval Festival

Medieval festival for the knights, dames and jesters among us

Schloss Neugebäude Medieval Festival

When: FRI–SUN, September 13–15
Where: Schloss Neugebäude
Entry: TBD

This weekend festival will see the palace, Schloss Neugebäude, in the 11th district transformed into a colourful Medieval wonderland. Entertainment will include a medieval culinary experience (possibly not in keeping with the current vegan trend), live music and a Medieval market. And you’ll be surrounded by battling knights, juggling jesters, food such as ‘baked mice’ (which may actually be candy), with cherry beer and tankards of mead to quench your thirst. So don your gauntlet and codpiece, and cross your legs so you don’t have to visit the cesspit.

Recommended if you like: lords and ladies, impressing people with your jousting skills, eating flesh from the bone, hairy men and women, starting your sentences with “Forsooth!”, medieval entertainment, harking back to a previous era, speaking in voices like in Monty Python

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