Santa Flausch Christmas market - Vienna Würstelstand

Santa Flausch Christmas market

November 29, 2019

Santa Flausch
Christmas market

An intimate little Christmas market with a purpose

Santa Flausch Christmas market

When: SAT, December 7, 12pm–7pm
Where: Rote Kapelle, Jagdschlossgasse 59, 1130
Entry: free!

There’s a, as the Austrians like to put it, ‘Klein and superdooper fein,’ Christmas market going down at a little chapel in the Hietzing district on Saturday. It will be cosy, and you can expect Glühwein, Christmas cookies, art from local artists up for sale, and readings.

Plus, it just so happens to be all for a good cause, with all money made on the day going to different charities. It’s one of those special neighbourhood Christmas markets hosted by special people with good hearts.

Recommended if you like: sipping your Glühwein down before it becomes sweet wine in a mug, eating cookies for a good cause, intimate Christmas markets, breaking out in singing ‘Silent Night’ in random situations, getting all emotional over a Heisse Liebe Punsch with strangers

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