1. Sake Week Vienna - Vienna Würstelstand

1. Sake Week Vienna

September 2, 2019

A week dedicated to Sake

1. Sake Week Vienna

When: THU, June 27, 5pm–9pm
Where: various locations in Vienna
Entry: TBA, check out this website for updates!

Vienna will see its first ever Sake festival taking place this September. Various events will take place throughout Vienna during this week that are dedicated to Japan’s finest rice wines. Take part in Cheese & Sake Tastings, Sake & Sense blind tastings and masterclasses with Sake Sommeliers (yup, that’s a thing, and much more.

Recommended if you like: looking civilised whilst slowly getting drunk, being a connoisseur, squinting into a glass and uttering which “notes” you can detect, Japanese culture, Asian cuisine, slurping ramen, drinking indoors, being highbrow

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