Russisch-österreichisches Straßenfest - Vienna Würstelstand

Russisch-österreichisches Straßenfest

September 6, 2019

Russisch-österreichisches Straßenfest

Ain´t no better way to spend your Sunday than to attend a Russian Straßenfest

Russisch-österreichisches Straßenfest

When: SUN, September 15, 12pm–7pm
Where: Jauresgasse, 1030
Entry: free!

When there´s a Straßenfest somewhere, you best to attend the Straßenfest. This time it´s all about Russia. Music performances by artists from the Russian community in Vienna will be happening, along with exhibitions, a guided tour through the Cathedral Saint-Nicolas and much more. Check out the program. And of course, there´ll will be lots of Russian food to try!

Recommended if you like: street fests, Russian cuisine, traveling, music, reading history books that smell like your grandma

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