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Rural Moves – The Song­yang Story

March 9, 2019

Rural Moves –
The Song­yang Story

See this exhibition on infrastructure in rural areas in China and Austria

Rural Moves – The Song­yang Story

When: March 13 – April 23
Where: Architekturzentrum Wien
Entry: free!

Head out to this exhibition on the rural areas of China and Austria and how their economies and infrastructure suffer due to mass migration to the bigger cities. And just FYI, when we say rural, we don’t mean the 19th district of Vienna. Rural-er than that. Learn some things about efforts being taken to make life more livable for those living in the countryside of both countries.

Recommended if you like: living in the country, rural areas, learning what China and Austria might have in common, understanding the bigger picture and how things work, making life more livable for people of all walks of life

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