Rotes Wien | Open Air Augartenspitz - Vienna Würstelstand

Rotes Wien | Open Air Augartenspitz

July 26, 2020

Rotes Wien |
Open Air

Watch this film about Red Vienna

Rotes Wien | Open Air Augartenspitz

When: TUE, July 28, 9:30pm–11pm 
Where: Augartenspitz
Entry: TBA

Vienna’s political history has been full of changes and conflicts just like any other country, and it’s a good thing some people have been capturing it all on film. In the short movie, ‘Rotes Wien,’ you’ll gain an insight on some of the most significant events that shaped Vienna’s past and present. The format is real, the imagery is raw, and a bunch of knowledge about socio-democratic Vienna in the 20s is compacted into a solid 85 minutes for your hungry brain to take in. Copy and paste this email address into your email host: –to reserve your ticket for the film!

Recommended if you like: learning about the place where you live, reading the entire booklet from an exhibition, reading history books that smell like your grandma, wearing striped pyjamas to bed, Sunday strolling through museums

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