ROTE BAR Silvestergala 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand

ROTE BAR Silvestergala 2019

December 16, 2018

It’s free, it’s vinyl only music, and it’s in an awesome location

ROTE BAR Silvestergala 2019

When: 10pm–5am
Where: Rote Bar

It’s one of the free parties on the night of the year when everything is overpriced AND it’s set in one of the funkiest locations in the city. The New Year’s eve party going down amongst the chandeliers and red velvet curtains of the Rote Bar is a great option for those that don’t like commitment. You can turn up whenever you want, not pay a dime to get in, and party your ass off all night long there…or not…it’s completely up to you. They also have a balcony that’s ideal for firework watching. However, don’t expect to get on it if there are hundreds of people at this party, as one could assume. Nevermind – as long as you have your tongue down somebody’s throat when the clock strikes 12. No pressure. The flavour of music will be Rock and Soul.

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