Roof Top Yoga rebellU - outdoor yoga in Vienna - vienna würstelstand

Roof Top Yoga rebellU – outdoor yoga in Vienna

July 9, 2018

Finding inner peace while enjoying the view at this hip hotel

Roof Top Yoga rebellU

When: every Tuesday (7am & 6:45pm) & every Thursday (7am)
Where: Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar
Entry: 16–20€, register here
Equipment: bring your own mat

Sun salutations, lots of ‘Omm’ing’, the donkey pose (is that a thing?) and the morning sun (or the evening sun) will be awaiting you on the rooftop of the Ruby Marie Hotel. Miriam from rebellU will be taking you there to show you the moves that lead to your inner peace.

Recommended if you like: hip hotels, standing on a rooftop in Vienna and screaming, ‘I’m the king of the world’, the healthy life, stretching your limbs, gaining flexibility by doing weird poses

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