Ritmo "Light Edition" at VCBC - Vienna Würstelstand

Ritmo “Light Edition” at VCBC

June 29, 2020

Feel the music take over your body at this chilled beach party with Latino vibes

Ritmo “Light Edition” at VCBC

When: every Tuesday throughout summer, 6pm–12am
Where: Vienna City Beach Club
Entry: free!

On Tuesdays at the Vienna City Beach Club, there’ll be a pure Latino feeling floating about the sandy party place. There will be damn fine Latino music, delicious cocktails, sand under your feet and a ‘Caribbean feeling’.

Recommended if you like: feeling the rhythm in your bones, doing the chicken dance when nobody’s looking, picking up a corner of your skirt and swaying your hips in the kitchen while cooking, finding sand 2 days later in places you never knew existed on your body, a nice drink after work

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