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Rienna – contemporary designshop 2018

November 15, 2018

Rienna – contemporary

Design pop-up shop in a funky coffeehouse

Rienna – contemporary designshop

When: November 9 – December 22 (check out the very specific and irregular opening times)
Where: Rienna contemporary design shop
Entry: free!

There’s an oddly named design pop-up shop running throughout November and December and it will popping up in the 5th district’s Schleifmühlgasse, Rienna. Showcasing and selling awesome products from local creatives, it’s surely worth checking out during the lead up to Christmas (hint, hint, nudge, nudge). Plus, there are special events happening (relating to creatives doing creative things) also throughout the lifespan of this funky store. Be sure to check out the details,

Recommended if you like: forearm Tattoos, beards, ham and cheese toast, filling your wardrobe with unique fashion, being that member of the Family that everybody knows for thoughtful and cool gifts

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