R&B RoofTop at Juwel Wien - Vienna Würstelstand

R&B RoofTop at Juwel Wien

March 9, 2020

Enjoy some good R&B on a Saturday

R&B RoofTop at Juwel Wien

When: SAT, March 14, 10pm–2am
Where: Juwel Wien
Entry: 10€; 5€ for ladies until 11pm

The RnB RoofTop event crew is inviting all RnB lovers to come to the Juwel where their bar just happens to be located and party to some dance-worthy tunes. Check out the lineup!

Recommended if you like: RnB Music, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, having one too many, shaking your hips like no one else, Ariana Grande, drinking one of those cocktails which just taste ‘interesting’, making out with people you don’t know, rubbing up with sweaty bodies in winter

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