Radian - Live in der fluc_wanne - Vienna Würstelstand

Radian – Live in der fluc_wanne

July 26, 2020

Radian -
Live in der

Electronic music concert in Fluc featuring some veterans in the game

Radian – Live in der fluc_wanne

When: WED, July 29, 8pm–11pm 
Where: fluc + fluc wanne
Entry: 18€, buy a ticket

With countless international reviews to their name, Radian makes you want to learn how to play an instrument and vibe to their unleashed art rock music. The trio has been making music for over a decade, and in the process, have discovered how to pull off one of Austria’s favourite music genres: Electronica!

On Wednesday, the crowd at the fluc will get the chance to cheer on this ever-evolving musical group. To join in on the seated fun, get your pre-sale tickets before they run out!

Recommended if you like: Electro Music, unpretentious locations, partying by the canal, street parties, waking up in somebody else bed wearing a lovely shade of red lipstick

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