Queerer Stadtspaziergang - Vienna Würstelstand

Queerer Stadtspaziergang

June 26, 2020

Join this guided walk about Queer Wien

Queerer Stadtspaziergang

When: SAT, July 11, 3pm
Where: Arcadia Opera Shop
Entry: 18€, register via guide@qwien.at

You’re probably already familiar with gallivanting around the inner city, but in a fact-filled two hours, QWIEN will re-introduce you to the Oper, Hofburg, and the Habsburger monarchy from a queer perspective. The guided tours around the city are filling up quick, so reserve your spot for July while you still can.

Recommended if you like: thinking outside the box, being outside your comfort zone, getting to know your city, being socially active, learning about history, splurging in museum gift shops

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