Queer Cabaret X Secret Garden - Vienna Würstelstand

Queer Cabaret X Secret Garden

November 7, 2019

Make the most of your Monday with bangin’ art and dance performances

Queer Cabaret X Secret Garden

When: MON, November 11, 8pm–10pm
Where: Rhiz Vienna
Entry: free!

The Rhiz and Gray Box are hosting a night of queerness and spirituality this Monday. On the night, you can experience a four-part performance tackling queerness and the influence of religion, called Queer Cabaret. Afterwards, a dance about the pressures of religion from a female perspective will hit the stage, called Secret Garden.

Also, check out their website for more information about this event!

Recommended if you like: queer representation in art, art, dance, immersive performances, just starting to tear up after seeing a performance, wearing sports bras for fashion, sweating and not caring, art projects tackling controversial topics, relating to art on another level

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