Queer Art Space Vienna - Vienna Würstelstand

Queer Art Space Vienna

May 28, 2019

Check out the talent in Vienna’s Queer art scene

Queer Art Space Vienna

When: May 28 – June 14 (check out the details, here)
Where: Kunstahalle Exnergasse
Entry: see details, here. 

Kicking off with an opening party on the 28 May, the Queer Art Space will see a 2-week art exhibition come to life that will shine a spotlight on Vienna’s dynamic queer art scene. There’s plenty of parties to compliment all the art on display as well, so be sure to check out the programme.

Recommended if you like: feeling emotions from art, art that makes a statement, doing your pensive look in front of a piece of art after practising it for hours in front of the mirror

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