Puppenhouse II On The Beach - Vienna Würstelstand

Puppenhouse II On The Beach

June 26, 2020

Puppenhouse II
On The

Relax, enjoy your drink and pretend you’re at a real beach

Puppenhouse II On The Beach

When: SAT, July 4, 5pm-1am 
Where: Vienna City Beach Club
Entry: Free!

Sun-kissed skin and sweet cocktails are just a part of the program for the ‘VCBC’ Puppenhaus event. For the third run, the organisers will be hosting their event at Kaisermühlendamm, with support from Anna Ulrich and DJ JOANiSH. And if you’re a fan of Formula 1, hit your breaks, because you’re in for a live transmission of the race this July. The exact screen dates can be seen on their event page!

Recommended if you like: living on the unusual side of life (wherever that may be), gummi bears, beer and cigarettes, checking out the new bars as soon as they open, cocktails

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