Propeller Flohmarkt - Vienna Würstelstand

Propeller Flohmarkt

October 30, 2019

Get yourself something nice at this flea market in a cafe

Propeller Flohmarkt

When: THU, November 7, 5pm–10pm
Where: Propeller 1050
Entry: free

This Thursday evening, the handsome cafe, Propeller, will be hosting a flea market in their basement. You can purchase yourself some new (old) clothes, vinyl, jewelry, and delicious drinks at this lovely affair. Get your siblings, your friends, your friend’s friends, and their friends together and check this shindig out. Now, the only one thing left to say is: ‘Happy flea market hunting!’

Recommended if you like: buying clothes, (and other stuff), the thrill of the flea market hunt, meeting new people, working by day and shopping in the evening, drinking and shopping, second–hand, basements

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