Popfest 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand

Popfest 2019

June 1, 2019

Vienna’s beloved free pop festival, with a great view!

Popfest 2019

When: THU–SUN, July 25–28
Where: Various locations around Karlsplatz
Entry: free!

We always get excited when concerts and open-air happenings are taking place in the Resselpark of Karlsplatz! Nothing makes us more aware that we live in a hip urban city that has a long history of getting drunk and dancing wild to Pop concerts with the view of beautiful Karlskirche in front of us. And our favourite three-day festival that has us doing exactly that described above is the poppety-Popfest! This festival is the number one to be at if you want to get deep and intimate with the local music scene, with big to up-and-coming local bands taking to the stage every year. Check out the detailed programme for this year.

To get there you’ll need to… find your way to Karlsplatz. Easy cheesy!

This festival is special because… there’s nothing like having the Karlskirche as the backdrop to the stage.

Recommended if you like: being at a festival in the middle of the city, getting drunk in front of a church, crazy summer fests in Vienna, Austrian pop music, lying on your back and enjoying the moment, meeting friendly faces, festivals that keep you out for three days in a row

Photo © simon brugner theyshootmusic.com

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