Pomelo presents Madteo (Queens, NY) – vienna würstelstand

Pomelo presents Madteo (Queens, NY)

November 30, 2017

Pomelo presents
Madteo (Queens, NY)

Prepare to dance all night long 

Pomelo presents Madteo (Queens, NY)

When: THU, December 7, 10pm–4am
Where: Super Unusual Beings
Entry: tba

Madteo, an Italian producer based in the US, will be doing his thing (his thing be music) at the S.U.B club this week. He’s producing odd records, and is like no other electronic music personality we’ve heard. Check out this mix, and you’ll understand what we mean:

Recommended if you like: dancehall, vinyl records, wearing big headphones, living for the music, spinning tunes on decks, dancing all night long, doing recreational drugs in the toilet

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