Poetry Schlemm im Spektakel - Vienna Würstelstand

Poetry Schlemm im Spektakel

September 11, 2020

Poetry Schlemm
im Spektakel

Find out more about the food industry while listening to beautifully arranged words

Poetry Schlemm im Spektakel

When: SAT, September 19, 7pm–10pm
Where: Spektakel
Entry: free!

A poetry slam completely dedicated to the topics food and climate change (and how those two things are connected) is the theme of a poetry slam happening at Spektakel on Saturday. If you’re thinking ‘Pfff, as if anyone could tell me something I don’t know yet’ – this could still be interesting for you! Because you don’t have to just sit and watch, but you can also go on stage and fill the room with your wisdom and eloquence with some of your poetry.

Recommended if you like: finding out more about the impact of your favourite thing in the world: food, saving the planet by talking, listening to people who are good with words, having a room full of people listening to your wisdom, finding ways to improve yourself (even though you’re already pretty close to perfect), having poetry slammed into your ear holes

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