Poetry Dinner im OBEN - Vienna Würstelstand

Poetry Dinner im OBEN

November 29, 2019

Bring your appetite along for some fantastic food and delicious poetry 

Poetry Dinner im OBEN

When: TUE, December 3, 7.30pm–10.30pm
Where: OBEN
Entry: 50€, buy a ticket

This Tuesday, why not order a four-course dinner with a beautiful view over Vienna while listening to some succulent poetry. If that isn’t a banquet for all of your senses we don’t know what is. You can choose between a vegetarian and a meat option, both at the same price.

So this is how it works: you will hear four different performances, and after each performance, you are served a dish. A bit like a wedding, really, but instead of insipid speeches, you get to hear some great verses. All of the dishes represent the poets’ creations, which we also think is innovative. Some high Viennese culture.

Recommended if you like: poetry somewhere above Vienna, being cultural and pretentious, four-course meals, if you like to have free welcome drinks, listening to poetry, feeling like your at the pinnacle of culture.

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