POD • Wien - Vienna Würstelstand

POD • Wien

October 31, 2019

Catch a bit of POD at the FLEX!

POD • Wien

When: SUN, November 10, 7pm–11:59pm
Where: FLEX
Entry: 28.50€; get your tickets!

The FLEX is hosting POD’s concert this Sunday and we believe it’s going to be lit! The Grammy-nominated band will grace the stage with their new album, “Circles.” Not only that, but they will have the support from Alient Ant Farm and Dead Girls Academy to really make you go off! So if you got time, get your tickets now and enjoy some good music!

Check out their website!

Recommended if you like: POD, the Flex, Rock Music, dancing until your feet fall off, making out with strangers, Alient Ant Farm, Dead Girls Academy, headbanging, feeling the guitar riffs on another level, jumping around like crazy, feeling the bass take over your heartbeat

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