Berlin's 21st Poetry Festival – Planet P - Vienna Würstelstand

Berlin’s 21st Poetry Festival – Planet P

May 25, 2020
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Berlin's 21st Poetry
Festival – Planet P

Fan of the word? Don’t miss this huge online poetry festival

Berlin’s 21st Poetry Festival – Planet P

When: FRI–TUE, June 5–11 (check out the programme)
Where: It’s online! You can tune in on the Haus for Poesie website from anywhere!
Entry: it’s free! (donations are welcome)

While festivals are being cancelled all over the place in Corona times, some of them are finding ways for the show to go on…online. Berlin’s Poetry festival is doing just that. They’re calling this year’s 7-day festival, Planet P, and it will be jam-packed with poetry that will move you, inspire you and lead you into deep thoughts – like all good poetry should.

They’ve got 150 writers in the program from over 29 countries, with the focus this year being on Canadian poets. All of these talented wordsmiths will participate in over 100 talks, readings, poetry slams, interviews and workshops – all streamed online, so you can watch them from wherever you are.

Poets will obviously be reading in German and in English, so it’s an international affair. If you’re a fan of poetry, do check out the website for all the info you need. If you’re not a fan of poetry, or just don’t get it, we’d suggest you still tune in – this festival is all about bringing poetry to everybody.

Recommended if you like: reading lots and lots of books, the smell of old books, being moved by the written word, getting all emotional when talking about words and poetry and life

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