Piotr Łakomy | Waiting room - Vienna Würstelstand

Piotr Łakomy | Waiting room

February 11, 2020

Check out this exciting exhibition of visual art and painting

Piotr Łakomy | Waiting room

When: January 16–February 29
Where: Koenig 2
Entry: Free!

Polish visual artist Piotr Łakomy has exhibited his works all over the world in locations such as Paris, Milan and Miami. Using the mediums of painting, installation and objects, he deals with artistic challenges in a public space. His new exhibition in Vienna has its tone set by a quote from W.G. Sebald, which begins, “the waiting room, where a few travellers sat far apart, silent and motionless”. If you want to find out more, do yourself a favour and get down to what should be an intriguing exhibition!

Recommended if you like: painting, art exhibitions, highbrow events, going to a vernissage so you can brag to your friends that you saw the exhibition before them, having your paintings stuck on the fridge by mum & dad

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