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Pflanzen tauschen auf der Wieden

May 10, 2019

Pflanzen tauschen
auf der Wieden

Trade plants with other plant lovers

Pflanzen tauschen auf der Wieden

When: WED, May 15, 4pm–7pm
Where: Südtiroler Platz, 1040 Wien
Entry: free!

This Wednesday, head to Südtiroler Platz where you can trade mint for basil, cucumbers for tomatoes, and dandelions for tulips. (That last one probably isn’t a solid trade.) It will be a green haven for plant lovers and lovers of the barter. Make new green-thumb friends and even get tips on how best to care for your plants. Get your green goods ready and don’t miss the fun!

Recommended if you like: plants, house plants, outdoor plants, plants on your balcony, plants in your apartment, being an urban farmer, surrounding yourself with green life so you sometimes forget you live in a city, breathing better, trading for other plants

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