Parasite - Vienna Würstelstand


July 26, 2020

Watch the academy awards’ best picture winner 2020 in the great outdoors


When: THU, July 30, 9pm–11pm
Where: Karmelitermarkt
Entry: Free!

This fine Thursday night at the Karmelitermarkt, you can watch 2020’s best picture winner, Parasite, at Vienna’s wandering open air cinema, the Volxkino. This South Korean movie is about greed, class discrimination and the relationship between a wealthy family and a less fortunate one. And the film is very pretty to look at.

Recommended if you like: seeing movies that have brought home awards, important topics being talked about, watching foreign movies, dissecting plots and characters, cuddling up in front of a screen, talking about a story for hours after you’ve seen it, open air cinema nights

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