Parallax UNITY - Vienna Würstelstand

Parallax UNITY

July 4, 2019

Dance like you’ve never danced before at Grelle Forelle

Parallax UNITY

When: SAT, July 13, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: TBA

Do not let the owls show you up this weekend. You can stay up all night too! Take that, owls! WHO you lookin’ at, owls? (No, we are not embarrassed we just went there). Get ready to stay out all night at Grelle Forelle, as it’s time for some Underground Techno DJs. Be sure to check out the full line-up on their Event page.

Recommended if you like: not letting the owls look cooler than you, staying out all night, developing your nocturnal side, wearing your best dance pants, Grelle Forelle

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