Pages & Ages of Feminism - Vienna Würstelstand

Pages & Ages of Feminism

November 29, 2019

Join this lively panel bringing together feminists from different walks of life

Pages & Ages of Feminism

When: TUE, December 3, 7pm–9pm
Where: Fett und Zucker
Entry: TBD

There are many types and different iterations of feminism, and Pages & Ages of Feminism seeks to bring all of these parallel discourses together for this event. It will see a discussion of two books (‘Sheroes: New heroes need the land’ and ‘Why I’m not a feminist: A feminist manifesto’) which negotiate the questions as to why some believe in the need for a “new” feminism and what the goals of feminism should actually be. It will be hosted by a lively panel of women in a variety of different age groups and careers.

Recommended if you like: Feminism, bringing people from different walks of life together, intelligent discussions, listening to a panel of experts, feminism and equality, female empowerment, inspirational events, talks and discussions, learning something new

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