OZ w/ Claptone live - Vienna Würstelstand

OZ w/ Claptone live

January 12, 2020

Feel the moment while dancing to house music

OZ w/ Claptone live

When: FRI, January 24, 11pm–6am
Where: O – der Klub
Entry: 15€, buy a ticket

The house DJ Claptone is taking you onto a journey to a land far, far away. To OZ, a land where we aren’t disconnected from each other by oh-so-social media! So, if you’re having a good time at O – der Klub this Friday with Clapton, fight your urges to record and post the moment and just simply enjoy it, because that’s how you do it in OZ!

Recommended if you like: being in the here and now, talking to friends in real life instead of via whatsapp, not checking your phone every few minutes, going out without your phone, the real life more than the virtual

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