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Outdoor Yoga mit MINDFUL YOGA mit Caro – outdoor yoga in Vienna

Take a break from everyday life with this yoga sesh

Outdoor Yoga with MINDFUL YOGA mit Caro

When: almost every Tuesday, from 6 or 7pm
Where: Sportcenter Donaucity
Entry: 18€, buy your ticket
Equipment: bring your own mat, or let Caro know beforehand that you’ll need to borrow one

There will be some mindful yoga happening near the Alte Donau almost every Tuesday during summer. In the middle of the green of the Sportcenter Donaucity, Caro from Mindful Yoga will be offering a mix of Flow, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin Yoga & Meditation in her classes. And you’ll be doing the session with headphones on, which support a deep immersion in your yoga practice. Beginners to advanced people are welcome. Take your mat with you, get there on time, and don’t forget to focus on that breathing.

Recommended if you like: being as bendy as a 14-year-old, finding inner peace on a Tuesday, wearing socks in bed, breathing in and breathing out at the exact right time, rooting for nature

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