Orjazztra Vienna Porgy III // Duo 4675 - Vienna Würstelstand

Orjazztra Vienna Porgy III // Duo 4675

January 17, 2020

Orjazztra Vienna
Porgy III //
Duo 4675

Get all classy-jazzy at this Jazz orchestra with sounds big and small

Orjazztra Vienna Porgy III // Duo 4675

When: TUE, January 21, 8:30pm–11:30pm
Where: Porgy & Bess
Entry: TBD

What do you get when you cross ‘Jazz’ with an ‘orchestra’? A loud and shuddering orjazzm? No. In the case of this talented group of musicians, the answer is an orjazztra. This concert by Christian Muthspiel & Orjazztra Vienna aims to bring back the large-group Jazz vibe of greats such as Duke Ellington and Carla Bley. With an 18-piece orchestra, their young musicians will take you on a Jazz journey from the quiet and subtle to the unabashedly loud and tantric.

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Recommended if you like: Jazz and Jazz orchestras, Duke Ellington, Carla Bley, Sun Ra, doing more cultural things than your friends, dedicating your life to music, lots of talented people all on one stage, stroking your goatie beard

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