Open House: Beethoven Museum – vienna würstelstand

Open House: Beethoven Museum

November 16, 2017

Two free days at a brand new Beethoven museum

Open House: Beethoven Museum

When: SAT–SUN, November 25–26, 10am–6pm
Where: Wien Museum Beethoven Wohnung
Entry: Free

There was until now, no singular memorial to the great composer in the city, but the three apartments connected to the man have always been in the hands of the Wien Museum, and they are happy to announce that they’ve now made something out of the space. To celebrate the extension and recent opening of the Beethoven Museum, they are throwing the doors open this weekend with free entry, so we can get learned on the life work of the genius, and also check out the tranquil garden out back, an oasis of calm in the city.

Recommended if you like: having nostalgia for a time you never lived, the smell of old books, new museums, being the first of your mates to visit a place, free days at museums, Beethoven’s beats, open house events

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