ÖH WU Cocktailstand 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand

ÖH WU Cocktailstand 2019

April 30, 2019

Grab a kickass cocktail or 2 in the sun at the Uni

Like cocktails in the sun? 3+ words for you – the ÖH WU Cocktailstand 2019

When: 4pm-9pm on various days throughout May
Where: WU
Entry: free!

Every year in May, the Economics University of Vienna’s student union opens a popup cocktail bar and it’s fucking awesome. Not only because it’s set within the surroundings of the funky looking WU campus, but also because the cocktails are damn cheap! So cheap that you can be there from 4pm when it opens to 9pm when it closes sipping away the whole time, without any guilt or fear of looking at the bill. Plus, the cocktails are made well, and work as the perfect summer drinks. Check out the Facebook event to find out on what days the pop up bar will be… popping up.

Recommended if you like: cocktails for a price that allows you to drink 3 or 4 without hurting your bank account, colourful and summery drinks, being a Uni student, pretending to be a Uni student to get cheap cocktails, open air drinks in crazy cool settings

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