Neujahrs-Brunch im Donaubräu - Vienna Würstelstand

Neujahrs-Brunch im Donaubräu

December 5, 2019
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im Donaubräu

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Celebrate the new year the day after everybody else at this fancy brunch

Neujahrs-Brunch im Donaubräu

When: 10:30am–4pm
Where: Donaubräu
Entry: 59€

What’s the best way to start the new year? Well, everybody seems to have their own ideas, but we all know that food is the answer to basically everything. For all those who agree, the New Year’s brunch at Donaubräu might be of interest. After the big night out, whenever you feel capable again of basic human functions, such as walking, or taking a cab, you can swing by the awesome brunch that will be going down at the Donaubräu (the good looking restaurant at the base of the Donauturm. There will be a buffet as far as the eye can see to feast on. Check out more details on their website.

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