Nau Circus - Vienna Würstelstand

Nau Circus

September 11, 2020

Join the circus!…for an evening

Nau Circus

When: SAT, September 19, 4pm–10pm
Where: Nau
Entry: tba

This Saturday, an evening full of performances will take place at the new open air event location, Nau! A circus to be precise! They haven’t revealed anything about the performances, but come on, it’s a circus! How can a circus set in the middle of the Lobau not be fun? And there will be delicious food for you to stuff your face with until your belly is begging you to stop! 

Recommended if you like: saying ‘woaaaaaaaah’ constantly, watching someone do something you can’t do, feeling like a little kid when you go to a circus show, only going to events if there’ll be food, people doing crazy stuff just for your entertainment

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