Muslim in The Church open mic - Vienna Würstelstand

Muslim in The Church open mic

September 11, 2020

Muslim in
The Church
open mic

Giggle and snigger at this unique open mic comedy night

When: SAT, September 19, 9pm–11pm
Where: The Church International Pub
Entry: Free! (Donations welcome)

At this Saturday open-mic night in The Church, it doesn’t matter what your religious beliefs are, or if you have none – it’s a night all about laughing. You may still be made fun of equally and that’s the beauty of inclusion! The host for the night, Saad Al Ghefari understands this all too well. As a Syrian actor and standup comic, he will deliver relatable punchlines and touch on familiar stereotypes. For starters, we just love the name of the event.

Recommended if you like: laughing so hard you snort a little, when your stomach hurts from laughing, open-mic-night with your best bud, when somebody’s laugh is funnier than their jokes, watching old comedy shows, fun things to do with friends during the week

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