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Muscheldinner im Naturhistorischen Museum

January 13, 2019

Muscheldinner im
Naturhistorischen Museum

Get in the mood for a dinner of mussels at the NhM

Muscheldinner im Naturhistorischen Museum

When: Wednesdays throughout January & February, 6pm–9pm
Naturhistorisches Museum
Entry: 55€ (incl. museum entrance), get your tickets here

It’s a mussel dinner in the Natural History Museum and we all know what mussels get us in the mood for… intercourse… of the most intellectual kind, over various historical topics, of course. For the next few months, you can enjoy a meal of fish specialities and seafood under the impressive dome of the Natural History Museum. The price includes a look around the museum. Don’t miss a guided tour to the rooftop of the world…well, actually just the museum!

Recommended if you like: mussels, intellectual intercourse, fish specialities, seafood, slurping, wearing a bib for grown-ups, the Natural History Museum, rows and rows of animal species, dinosaurs, rooftop tours, fancy dinners in impressive buildings

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