MOJO DANCE Opening – Funk’n’Soul – vienna würstelstand

MOJO DANCE Opening – Funk’n’Soul

September 1, 2017

Opening –

Funk and Soul Thursdays at Camera Club

MOJO DANCE Opening – Funk’n’Soul

When: THU, September 7, 5pm–1am (and every Thursday after that)
Where: Camera Club
Entry: free!

Thursdays are funk and soul nights at Camera Club, as of September 7. It’s official. Admission is free, so nothing will keep you from starting your weekends off early from now on, dancing to some fine Funk and Soul music, having a few drinks and mingling with beautiful people.

Recommended if you like: funk and soul music, Thursday night clubbing, after-work clubbing, early weekends, people who have crazy dance skills, meeting new people, mingling and hanging out at a club

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