Mine // Wien // Porgy & Bess - Vienna Würstelstand

Mine // Wien // Porgy & Bess

May 10, 2019

Mine // Wien //
Porgy & Bess

Check out some German Pop at Porgy & Bess

Mine // Wien // Porgy & Bess

When: WED, May 15, 7:30pm–11:30pm
Where: Porgy & Bess
Entry: 25€, get your tickets, here

German Pop band, Mine, will be performing at Porgy & Bess on Wednesday with the kind of music that will instantly make you feel like dancing in weird ways nobody’s ever seen before. The vocals remind us a little of Lady Gaga and the music is cool with a touch of weirdness. Get out of the house and explore your inner weirdo at this concert. Check it out, here:

Recommended if you like: live German Pop music, breaking up the week by doing something fun on a Wednesday evening, wearing crystals all over your body as a costume, dancing like a toothpick trying to jump into a glass of milk, Porgy & Bess

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